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Welcome to Audio Video Choices, Inc., your path to ultra high performance audio  components at affordable prices.

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We specialize in 4 areas:

* 1. Sales and support of New Audio Gear from great manufacturers Benchmark, Cary, DH labs, Jolida, OPPO Digital, Ortofon, Rega, Resonessence Labs, Shure , Usher, and U-Turn Audio.

* 2. Sales of Pre-Owned fine High-End Audio Gear such as Krell, Levinson, Rowland, Wilson, Quad, Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, BAT, Linn, and Naim.

* 3. Sales of Pre-Owned fine Vintage Audio Gear such as McIntosh, Marantz, JBL, Altec Lansing, Tannoy, Thorens, Tannoy, Fisher, Scott, and Garrard.

* 4. Distributing the NewClear Audio NC1000L Amplifier, a paradigm shift in the cost of a superior amp. Never before has so much been available for so little. Destined to be a benchmark in the high-end. TONEaudio Exceptional Value Award 2013

Authorized Dealer For:
Benchmark DAC2 HGC, New and in Stock/Perfect for the Computer Audiophile and Anaolg Lover/DAC Preamp
Benchmark  ADC1 USB, Digitize your Vinyl and Tape, Record Live

Cary Audio Tube Electronics from North Carolina
Cary Audio SLI-80 Signature Integrated Tube Amp $4495
Cary SLP-05 Balanced Tube Preamp New and in Stock $8995

DH Labs Cables, SilverSonic Air Matrix, Q10, White Lightning, SPDIF, Toslink, USB, HDMI

Jolida Tube and Hybrid Electronics
JolidaFusion Tube Preamp $1349!
Jolida JD-9 II Tube MM/MC Phono Stage in Stock $699!
Jolida Glass FX DAC Mini – USB DAC in Stock $119!
Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III 3 Inputs-USB, Coax+Toslink, 24/192, Headphone Jack and Volume in Stock $599!

NewClear Audio NC1000L Amplifier – See the Reviews!!

OPPO Digital
OPPO BDP-103 BluRay Player on Demo
OPPO HA-1 Headphone Amp/DAC/Preamp on Demo
OPPO PM-2 Headphones on Demo

Ortofon Phono Cartridges
Ortofon OM5e Phono Cartridge New and in Stock $55 Installed
Ortofon 2M Red Phono Cartridge New and in Stock $99 Installed

Rega RP1 Turntables New and in Stock/on Demo $445
Rega RP3 Turntables New and in Stock/on Demo $895
Rega FONO Phono Stage New and in Stock
Rega Carbon Phono Cartridge New and in Stock

Resonessence Labs – State of the Art Digital
Invicta MIRUS DAC $4995 New and in Stock/on Demo
Concero, Concero HD, and Herus DAC New and in Stock/on Demo

Shure M97xE Phono Cartridges New and in Stock $109 Installed

SuperSonic Phono PreAmp – Best phono stage under $100!

Usher S-520 Loudspeakers New and in Stock
Usher Bass Modules for S-520 New and in Stock
Usher Mini-X Loudspeakers New and in Stock
Usher BE-20 with Beryllium Midrange and Diamond Tweeter – Call for Appointment

U-Turn Audio ORBIT Belt Drive Turntable ON Demo $349!

Analog Accessories
SuperSonic Phono PreAmp – Best phono stage under $100!
Zerodust by Onzow – Stylus Cleaner – The Best, Safe and Easy $55
Discwasher LP Record Cleaning Kits New and in Stock $17

New Arrivals in Pre-Owned:
APC J10BLK power conditioner
B&W 803 Series II Pair
Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble 5.1
DBX 180 Noise Reduction
Dolby 361 Pair with Cat 22 Cards – Dolby A
Dolby 380 Stereo Dolby A
Fanfare FT-1 Tuner
Harman Kardon AVR-254 HT Receiver
Martin Logan SL-3 Pair
Magnepan MG1 Pair
NAD 2400 Amp
NAD 4150 Tuner
NHT VT-1.2 Pair
REL Storm Subwoofer
Sonus Faber Concerto Domus Pair
Tannoy CMS12-8 12” Dual Concentric Speakers
UREI 535 Dual Graphic Equalizer
Used High End Interconnect Cables
Velodyne HGS-10 Sub
Yamaha CT-410 II Tuner
Yamaha T-05 Tuner

New Arrivals in Vintage Stereo:
Altec Lansing 403A 8in Pair
Altec Lansing 288-8K Compression Driver Pair
Altec Lansing  604-8G Pair in cabinets, new GPA Diaphragms and Crossovers
Burwen TNE 7000A
Crown DC-150 Amp
JBL C40 Harkness Pair loaded with 01 System
JBL C60 Sovereign S8R Loudspeaker Cabinet Pair
Kenwood KT-7001 Tunere
Pioneer RT-707 Reel Recorder
Pioneer TX-9500 Tuner
Revox B285 Receiver
TEAC A-3300S 2-Track Reel Recorder
Thorens TD-125 Mk II Turntable

Expert Consignment Sales / In-Store Sales and eBay Auctions
Bring us your fine audio components and we will find a new home for them. Our experience and reputation will yield the highest price for your high-end stereo and vintage audio pieces. We offer both In-Store Sales and eBay auctions, please consult with us for the best path.

A consignment fee of 25% is all it costs plus any applicable fees. We handily pay for our services with market high prices.
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35% Discount – Mention “Stereophile Coupon” when ordering.